Bills Coaches Confront Refs After Eagles Game, Call Them “Disgrace” to NFL (Video)

bills coaches confront refs after eagles game call them disgrace to nfl

During Sunday’s loss to the Eagles in Philly, the Bills were penalized 15 times for 101 yards, while the Eagles were penalized just five times for 55 yards.

Did the refs have it out for the Bills? Not really. There were some missed and/or blown calls, but there are missed and/or blown calls in every NFL game. The Bills lead the NFL in flags and penalty yardage, but that doesn’t mean there’s some sort of league-wide conspiracy against them. That just means they’re…well, the Bills.

Unfortunately, immediately after the game, while still fuming from their third loss in four games and falling completely out of the playoff picture, the Bills coaches did not see things that way. So they made sure to leave the field at the same time as the officiating crew so they could give them a piece of their minds.

Luckily Joe Buscaglia from WKBW was there to capture the confrontation on video. You can’t make out that much, but you definitely hear defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman call them a “disgrace to the NFL.”

Take a look:

To his credit, Rex Ryan was a bit kinder toward the refs in his post-game press conference, saying “that crew in particular is an outstanding crew and I’m sure they got it right.”

He may not have meant it, but it’ll probably spare him from getting fined.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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