Tigers Pitcher Bruce Rondon Starts Bench-Clearing Brawl in Venezuelan Game (Video)

Bruce Rondon Bench-Clearing Brawl

When we think of the word “brawl,” we think of a huge fight between two warring sides. However, if you add “baseball” to brawl, you’re left with forty guys standing on the field, trying to look tough for 90 seconds before heading back to their dugouts. It’s lame. That might just be a cultural thing, though, as Tigers pitcher Bruce Rondon found himself in the middle of an real brawl (with real fighting) after plunkingĀ an opposing batter during a Venezuelan League game.

The batter took his base, mouthed off to Rondon after a pick-off attempt, then, without much delay, Rondon went after him. And the benches cleared. And actual punches were thrown. It was glorious.

Take a look:

Hat Tip – [FTW]

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