“Freak Catch”: The Rumored Video Of Unbelievable Catches By Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry at LSU

Freak Catch - Odell Beckham

What if I told you that there was a secret video out there featuring some of the craziest catches by Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry from their LSU days?  And what if there was apparently a catch on that video that was even crazier than the catch that Beckham made last season against the Dallas Cowboys—you know, the one that earned “play of the year” honors on almost every year-in-review list?

Would this be something you’d be interested in seeing?  Of course it is.  Unfortunately, you can’t watch it at the moment.  No one can.  That’s because Landry and Beckham have been keeping it private and it doesn’t appear as though that’s going to change anytime soon.

According to reports, the tape is called “Freak Catch,” and it includes many of the craziest grabs that Landry and Beckham had made at LSU practices over the years, including one catch by OBJ that Landry described as “almost similar to the Dallas game but way more freakier.”

“I think the most amazing catches I’ve ever seen him make was a kind of, I wouldn’t say behind his head but behind his head basically,” Landry said while speaking about one of Beckham’s catches from Freak Catch. “It’s crazy to even talk about it and hard to even explain.”

So where exactly is this tape? That’s the problem. No one knows. Both Beckham and Landry claim to have lost their copies. And apparently no one else has been able to get their hands on it, which sucks big-time.

As a consolation, we do have this clip of impressive one-handed grabs by Beckham from various LSU practices. It’s probably not even close to as good as “Freak Catch,” but it’s still Odell Beckham, which means it’s better than 98% of the other highlight reel tapes you’ve ever watched:

Hat Tip – [NY Daily News]

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