Conor McGregor Breaks Ronda Rousey’s Record of Money Earned Per Second

Conor McGregor most money per second

The title of “most money earned per second of fighting” could reward the highest-paid, but more often seems to be attained by those who simply knock out their opponents really, really quickly. Ronda Rousey held the record after taking Bethe Correia out in 34 seconds for up to $5 million, which equates to $147,000 per second.

Considering Conor McGregor made shorter work of his opponent, Jose Aldo, it seems likely that he would have eclipsed Rousey’s previous mark for money earned per second.

Here’s a detailed explanation of McGregor’s possible earnings from UFC 194, via Forbes:

Like Rousey, McGregor’s contract gives him a cut of pay-per-view shares: a reported $3-$5 for each purchase. While we don’t know exactly how many buys UFC 194 will total — most outlets predict well over one million — it is a sure bet to at least reach UFC 189′s one-million mark. McGregor fought Chad Mendes, a last-minute replacement for Aldo, in the headliner for that event.

Going off the lowest figures in that equation, one million PPV buys with a $3 cut, McGregor would already be getting paid more than $230,000 per second. Add in his $580,000 combined fight and sponsor pay, and that number rises to over $275,000 per second ($3.5 million total). In case you’re curious, a more optimistic estimate for McGregor — say, a $5 PPV cut and 1.5 million PPV buys — would equate to nearly $622,000 per second ($8 million total).

That’s a pretty good pull for less than a quarter-minute’s work, wouldn’t you agree?

Hopefully, he’ll be able to entertain thousands of fans for more than 13 seconds next time.

Hat Tip – [Forbes]

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