Floyd Mayweather Spends $1.1M Shopping at a Mall in Dubai (Video)

Floyd Mayweather shopping Dubai

Floyd Mayweather sure takes his “money” moniker seriously, flaunting his wealth in statements and through a pretty insane Instagram presence. This time around, he’s decided to take his remarkably empty self to Dubai, where heĀ (you guessed it) spent a ton of money to get attention.

The specifics of his spree weren’t clear, but he picked up a $1.1 million Hublot watch in the mall, all while drawing an enormous crowd. Wanna see the watch?

Sure you do:


Classy and understated, just like Floyd.

Here’s a video from Floyd’s visit to a Dubai mall:

It would be remarkable (and welcome) to see footage of Mayweather doing anything other than throwing money away to make himself known, but it’s not gonna happen on this trip, now is it?

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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