Update: Gina D’Agostini Wants Brennan Clay Arrested for Threatening Her Fancy Shoes (Pic)

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Late last year, back when DeMarco Murray was still with the Cowboys and neither Murray nor the Cowboys sucked at football, Brennan Clay, Murray’s former teammate with the Oklahoma Sooners, got on Twitter and publicly accused Murray of sleeping with his wife.

Remember that? It was really bizarre. Clay published alleged text messages between Murray and his wife, Gina D’Agostini. Then his wife filed for divorce. Then a month later he said he jumped to a conclusion that wasn’t true and published a photo of himself and D’Agostini that very strongly implied the two had just had some makeup sex. Then Murray’s fiancée dumped him. Then Murray’s fiancée took him back and married him. Then Brennan Clay was arrested for allegedly assaulting his estranged wife.

Now there’s a new development. According to TMZ, Gina D’Agostini filed a brief in court demanding that Clay be arrested for violating a court order not to harass her.

What did he do? Well, according to D’Agostini, Clay broke into her home, threw all her expensive Louboutin shoes in a pile, and threatened to set them on fire:

Another unconfirmed report this week says D’Agostini also accused Clay of extortion—specifically threatening to release more text messages and screen shots obtained from her computer.

At this point it doesn’t seem as though Clay has been arrested. But who knows what will happen next? This story gets weirder and sadder by the day.

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