LeSean McCoy No-Showed at a Party His Former Eagle Teammates Threw For Him

LeSean McCoy

Anyone who follows the NFL knows how upset LeSean McCoy was to leave Philadelphia. And it didn’t seem to be anything against Buffalo, particularly, but rather the disappointment with the Eagles dealing him. He reportedly hung up on his former coach Chip Kelly earlier this week, and he was seen throwing his helmet after the Bills fell to the Eagles on Sunday.

However, the biggest slap in the face came when he stiffed a party that two of his former teammates, Jason Peters and Vinny Curry, threw for him, as revealed by this flier:

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Now, often people will promote parties that sound like they have famous people in attendance, and those famous people feel no obligation to come. And after a game, that seems perfectly reasonable. So let’s not start a holy war on LeSean McCoy for ditching his friends, okay? Maybe he didn’t want to appear at some cheesy club that uses flyers with famous people to promote sales.

Also, should NFL players really be hitting clubs in far away cities on Sunday nights after a loss? Doesn’t it seem like the worst move would be to actually attend?

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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