Here’s the 125 Three-Pointers Steph Curry Drained During the Warriors Win Streak (Video)

Steph Curry Three-pointers

The Golden State Warriors’ win streak didn’t last forever, as many hoped it would, but it did last long enough that we got to enjoy the drama that came with it. We also got to see Steph Curry play like a madman, but hopefully that will continue.

During the win streak of 24 games, Steph knocked down 125 three-pointers. That’s five per game for 15 ppg, just on threes.

As fun as that may have been to read, it’s far more fun to see him do it.

Take a look at every single one of Steph’s three-pointers during¬†the Warriors’ win streak¬†right here:

Congrats if you watched all of that. As impressive a shooter as he is, after the 60th one, it’s like “I GET IT. HE’S GOOD.”

Now let’s see all the ones he missed. It should be a shorter list.

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