Trevor Ariza Loses Shoe, Will Barton Throws It Away (Video)

Trevor Ariza Loses Shoe Will Barton throws it away

The Nuggets defeated the Rockets 114-108 on Monday thanks in large part to a stellar performance from Will Barton. Not only did he come off the bench to record 23 points, nine rebounds, three assists, and three steals in 33 minutes. He also served as the Nuggets’ primary sh*t-disturber, getting into the Rockets’ heads and distracting them from the task of playing basketball.

How did Barton do that? It easy, really. All he had to do was toss a shoe.

With about five minutes remaining in the 4th quarter and Denver up 13, Barton and Houston’s Trevor Ariza both lunged for a loose ball, and in the process Ariza lost a shoe. Then the Nuggets went on to score an easy bucket, and on his way back up the court, Barton stooped down, picked up Ariza’s shoe, and tossed it to the sideline.

The Rockets? They were incensed, and started lobbying immediately for a technical. Which they got.

Unfortunately, that technical did not help them play better basketball, and they still lost the game.

Take a look:

Man, if only there was a way to somehow fasten one’s shoes to one’s feet so that they don’t just come flying off.

Oh well! Maybe one day someone will come up with something.

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