Celts Broadcaster Tommy Heinsohn Calls LeBron a Crybaby (Video)

Tommy Heinsohn

LeBron James Cavaliers were able to get a fairly easy win over the Celtics last night, but, naturally, the Boston faithful had a little something to say about his play.

More specifically, broadcaster Tommy Heinsohn spoke about LeBron’s desire to get a foul called. Heinsohn called him a baby, then a cry baby, then said something about a handkerchief. He was pretty fired up, as he so often is.

Here’s the video:

I would imagine some drunk Bostonian at a bar was probably saying the exact same thing.

I understand that broadcasters need to root for their home team, but this is a little painful to listen to. Maybe we could hear his thoughts on Donald Trump after this, as long as we’re sharing opinions.


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