Griner’s Divorce Not Final Until She Proves She Isn’t The Father Of Her Ex-Wife’s Twins

Yes, my mouth was wide open as well when I came across this story (via BSO and Bossip). Welcome to America 2015!! The Griner-Glory Divorce fiasco hit another snag as both sides cannot agree on the parental rights for the couple’s still-hospitalized baby twins. Griner’s lawyer Tiffany McMillan said that while the former lovers have been able to settle who owns what, the issue of paternity is keeping this divorce from being finalized. 

“We’ve got partial good news, McMillan said. “We were able to resolve the property issues. The parentage issues are still outstanding.”

In her divorce petition, Griner said she’d been coerced into participating with her ex’s IVF treatments, but Johnson said in hers that Griner was down for everything from the beginning.

Now, Johnson’s lawyers have to hand over her medical records from the fertility clinic to Griner’s legal team. Whatever is in those records will determine how they’ll proceed on the divorce – and whether they’ll go to trial.

As a legal matter it is pretty simple: If Johnson can prove Griner agreed to be the father via the IVF treatments, she is liable for child support. A judge set their next status conference for next month. Griner, who is currently playing in Russia, won’t have to appear.

Here are some photos of the former couple:

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