LeBron James’ Favorite Player of All Time Is…James Jones?

lebron james' favorite player james jones

If you have ever given any thought to who LeBron James‘ favorite basketball player might be, chances are you probably assumed it was someone like Michael Jordan, the man from whom LeBron took his number 23, or maybe Magic Johnson, the man who some say inspired LeBron’s selfless playing style. However, it turns out that LeBron James’ favorite player is neither of those. In fact, it’s not anybody you’d ever expect.

According to an article for ESPN.com by Dave McMenamin, LeBron’s favorite player is actually James Jones.

That’s right, James Jones.

If you’re not familiar with Jones, there’s a good reason for that. At 35 years of age, Jones is not a star in the NBA, and he never has been. In his best season way back in 2005-06, Jones averaged only 9.3 points and 3.4 rebounds in just over 23 minutes per game.

However, while Jones may not be a Hall of Fame player, he is a Hall of Fame teammate. In McMenamin’s profile, player after player gushes about his work ethic and the example he sets in the locker room.

“I go to him with everything,” says Kevin Love. “Whether it’s the game, personal life, we talk about everything. He’s a guy, I’m always just picking his brain.”

“I think the biggest thing he does for me is in terms of preparation for what’s to come. And he’s been through it before,” says Kyrie Irving. “He comes in and just does what he needs to do and is a professional every day. The true essence of the word ‘professional.'”

“The only thing that should ever dictate the size of your voice is how accountable you are yourself,” explains Richard Jefferson. “And his voice is loud because he’s accountable. He’ll never ask a person to do something that he wouldn’t do himself. There’s not a day where he doesn’t bring it. There’s not a day where he’s not himself. Every single day, he’s who he needs to be and who we need him to be, and that’s why he’s able to have a loud voice. Everyone can’t say that.”

So what does LeBron James think?

“He’s my favorite player of all time,” he says. “I told J.J., as long as I’m playing, he’s going to be around. He’s not allowed to stop playing basketball. So, I’m going to make sure I got a roster spot for him. I love him. He’s the greatest teammate I’ve ever had.”

That’s pretty high praise.

If you have a few minutes, you really should read McMenamin’s profile. It’s excellent.

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