Monmouth Hawks Make PSA Teaching Proper Technique for Bench Celebrations (Video)

monmouth hawks bench celebrations

With wins over USC, UCLA, and Notre Dame, the Monmouth Hawks’ season is off to a pretty great start. However, the truly amazing thing is that the success of the guys on the court has been completely overshadowed by the guys on the bench.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you probably haven’t been following college basketball very closely. Because one of the highlights of the 2015-16 college basketball season so far has been Monmouth’s incredible bench celebrations.

Want some examples? Sure you do! So here you go:

Clearly, when it comes to bench celebrations, the Monmouth Hawks reserves are the class of the NCAA. Now they’re trying to pass on what they know with this helpful instruction video so that, long after they’ve graduated, their legacy can live on.

Take a look:

Personally, I don’t care how the rest of the season turns out. These guys need to get an at-large big to the NCAA Tournament. I want to see what they can do in the Big Dance.

Hat Tip – [FTW]

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