NFL Announces Changes to Officiating and Instant Replay Procedure For Postseason

NFL Review Change

There have been quite a few officiating blunders throughout this NFL season, so the league is taking some necessary precautions to reduce the chances of it happening during the post-season.

Specifically, the NFL has approved changes to officiating procedures that will allow referees to consult with Vice President of Officiating Dean Blandino at any point during a game.

Here’s the announcement from the NFL:

For the 2015 postseason, consultation may occur between the referee and the VP of Officiating or his designee located in the league’s officiating headquarters in New York regarding the correct application of playing rules. In addition to the VP of Officiating’s current role in Instant Replay, this consultation will only include the appropriate assessment of penalty yardage, the proper administration of the game clock, the correct down, or any other administrative matter not currently reviewable.

This will not include the ability to call or change a foul, or otherwise become involved in on-field judgment calls that are not subject to the current Instant Replay system.

While these changes should reduce the number of officiating errors during post-season games, I’m sure the referees will still find a way to f-ck sh*t up.

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