Bucks Players Party at Strip Club Before Humiliating Loss to Lakers, Jason Kidd Not Happy (Video)

bucks players party at strip club before losing to lakers

Last week, the Milwaukee Bucks did something no other NBA team has been able to do this year—they beat the Golden State Warriors.

Obviously, that was cause for celebration for the young, promising Bucks. Unfortunately, it seems a few of them partied just a little too much.

On Monday night, after settling into their hotel ahead of Tuesday’s game against the Lakers, O.J. Mayo, Greg Monroe, Khris Middleton, and Miles Plumlee decided to hit the town. And eventually they wound up at the Ace of Diamonds strip club, where they partied until 2 a.m., just 16 hours before taking the court against the Lakers.

Apparently they’ve never heard of TMZ:

That game? Oh it went exactly how you’d expect. With almost half the team hungover, the Bucks were trash, losing to the pathetic Lakers 113-95.

Needless to say, when Bucks coach Jason Kidd found out about the strip club party, he was not pleased. And he didn’t care who knew it.

The Bucks say the four players with poor decision-making skills won’t face any further discipline. However, you can bet that won’t be the case if they screw up again.

Hat Tip – [TMZ, The Score]

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