Chelsea Finally Gets Around to Firing Coach Jose Mourinho (Tweet)


In news that’s been a long time coming since the once-great Chelsea sank to the depths of the Premier League, Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho has been given the boot by the English soccer club, which has gone through eight managers since owner Roman Abramovich’s reign started in 2003.

This season marks one of the most spectacular falls in recent history as Chelsea went from league champs last year to the bottom of the barrel this season.

Mourinho is still in the luxurious position of just having signed a four-year, $19.3 million per year contract, so settlement talks on that front should prove very interesting indeed.

Most recently, Chelsea dropped a 2-1 match to Leicester City, which leaves them just one point above the threat of relegation, a crippling fate for the high-profile club.

This marks the end of Mourinho’s second stint as manager of the club, with the first being a run from 2004 until 2007, during which he earned two Premiership titles in two years.

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