JR Smith Tells LeBron His Hairline Is The Cost Of Greatness: “You Can’t Have Everything.”


Lebron’s hairline has always been a topic of conversation shortly after his rookie year. Why? Because he’s famous, insanely rich, and the public needs to find a flaw to have something to talk about. To be fair, he makes it worse by trying to cover it up with 8 different headbands every game, just embrace it Lebron.

Not many people remember the great Michael Jordan had the same issue, but he accepted it and just cut it all off. LET IT GO.

Teammate and friend J.R. Smith was the subject of a recent GQ feature that hit on this particular subject:

“I tell him you can’t have everything. I tell him all the time: You can’t have it all! You have to give up one thing, and it just so happened it’s your hair. If someone told me I’m gonna give you $600 million but I’m going to take your hair? Take my hair!

LeBron’s personal barber recently insisted that there were no shenanigans going on where his most famous client’s hairline is concerned.

“There is no dye,” he told Yahoo! Sports. “No additives. No preservatives. Everyone thinks he’s dying his hair using [temporary hair colorings] Bigen or Black Ice. It’s all his hair. They still don’t believe me. I get Bigen comments all the time. I’ve become numb to it. It used to bother me. It’s not easy to hear that.”

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