Minnesota Mom Wins Half-Off Daughter’s Tuition with Half-Court Shot She Didn’t REALLY Make (Video)

Minnestoa mom half-court shot tuition

Last Friday, a private Christian school in Bloomington, Minnesota, gave one lucky family a chance to win half off their daughter’s tuition. All they had to do was hit a half-court shot in the school gymnasium.

The school was Bethany Academy. The family won the chance to win half-off tuition because they’d raised the most money for the big holiday fundraiser.

So with over 200 kids cheering her on, including her own sweet daughter, Minnesota mom Angela Ramey took the ball, heaved it toward the basket granny-style, and cringed in horror as the ball bounced five feet in front of the basket. Then, right as she was about to turn her back and walk away, she saw it bounce over the rim and down through the hoop as the gym exploded in shrieks.

Take a look:

Ramey’s Shocked ShotThe unbelieveable half-court alley-oop shot and Angela’s shocked reaction when she realizes the ball went in the basket! Thanks Alex Matheson (videographer and BA dad) for capturing Angela Ramey and Grace last Friday, deciding who’s going to take the shot to try to score half-off tuition next year. Angela throws the basketball granny style with her eyes closed, then screams in disbelief when the cheering students and staff convince her she scored. She’s jumping amid 41,040 meals packed by 235 students during Friday’s “Bethany Loves Bloomington” meal packing event Friday, a service project undertaken to help feed the hungry in Bloomington and the surrounding communities.The Ramey’s won the chance for the half-court/half-tuition prize by being the family who raised the most money during the school’s fundraiser.

Posted by Bethany Academy on Monday, December 7, 2015


Of course, if it were an NBA or college team holding the contest there’s no way that would have counted, because NBA and college teams have high-priced lawyers who draw up strict terms and conditions for contests like this.

Bethany Academy? They’re a small school of just 270 students. So they honored the spirit of the contest and awarded the Ramey family their prize, which is worth about $4,000.

Merry Christmas.

Hat Tip – [CBS Minnesota]

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