Steph Curry Dunk Fail Reminds Us NBA MVP Doesn’t Do EVERYTHING Well (Video)

Steph Curry Dunk Fail

Steph Curry is the reigning NBA MVP, and his 2015-16 season is off to an absolutely historic start. Through 26 games he’s averaging 32 points with an unbelievable player efficiency rating of 33.4, which would shatter the single-season record of 31.82 set by some guy named Wilt Chamberlain.

So how is Chef doing it? He is doing it mostly by shooting .521 from the field.

How good is that? Well, it’s basically impossible for a guy who doesn’t dunk. Look at the list of the top 50 single-season shooting percentages, and it’s absolutely dominated by legendary big men who did their damager underneath the rim.

But Steph Curry definitely does not dunk. Just look at this Steph Curry dunk fail from Wednesday night’s Warriors-Suns game:

Of course, you’ll notice that even though Curry couldn’t get above the rim, and even though the ball bounced around on the rim, it still went in. That’s just the kind of season Curry is having. Even his bad games are still pretty damn amazing.

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