Craig Sager Was Rocking Some Truly Amazing Shoes Last Night (Pic)


Craig Sager isn’t exactly known for his subdued fashion sense, but even by Craig Sager standards, the TNT reporter’s shoes were above and beyond last night.

I don’t know what these shoes are called, but I saw them mentioned as “cartel shoes” in the Twitter chain, and I’m inclined to agree. They’re either snakeskin or fake snakeskin (not sure which is worse) with an extended…sole? And a skull on the toe. I really don’t know where you buy those. Nordstrom? Juarez? The Juarez Nordstrom?

Anyway, it’s hard to get upset about Craig’s outfits, but I will say I’m in awe of those shoes, if only because I wonder what becomes of them after that broadcast. Do they go into Craig’s wedding rotation?


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