Kobe Bryant Posterized Clint Capela, Much To The Delight Of Dwight Howard (Videos)

Kobe Bryant Posterize Clint Capela

The Houston Rockets continue to be a bad basketball team this season.  Sure, they’ll probably walk away with a victory at the Staples Center tonight to improve their record to 13-14 (they’re currently leading the Lakers by double-digits in the fourth quarter), but they also let old man Kobe Bryant dunk all over them.

Specifically, Rockets power forward Clint Capela let Kobe dunk all over him, resulting in this third quarter poster slam:

Damn.  That’s embarrassing.  Even the Rockets’ Dwight Howard can’t help but laugh:

Apparently this was the Black Mamba’s first dunk of the season.

A couple more slams like this and Kobe may begin to reconsider his retirement plans.

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