This Lil’ Aussie Cricket Fan Has a Very Grown-Up Mullet (Video)


Where did this kid come from? How old is he? I have so many questions about this young cricket fan and his hairstyle that I really don’t know where to begin. Is he a feral child? Do his parents even know he exists?

I suppose a mullet like this couldn’t be done with parental input because this is just too glorious. It’s not something that’s just GROWN…it’s cultivated. It goes from pretty much a buzz cut to a long, flowing mane that Samson himself would envy.

Ok. I’m done talking about this little kid’s hair. The announcers are having a pretty good time with that image, and how could you not? Considering he’s already got the Thunder Stixx as well, it’s safe to say this kid has already determined what kind of kid he wants to be.

(But seriously…that mullet.)

Hat Tip – [Barstool]

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