Watch This Bizarre Video of the Steelers Singing a Christmas Carol (Video)


I’m not sure if this was just a bad idea from the start or if all the Steelers were just really, really hungover when they were performing this song, but something about it seems a little off. Don’t these guys know that if you’re gonna sing a Christmas carol with your bad voice, you need to really own it and belt it out? None of this timid singing nonsense.

Another thing: Teams shouldn’t be taking classic songs and changing the words. And not because it’s disrespectful – it’s just that they’re really, really bad at it. It’s always sorta lame, and almost never funny. This carol, a modified “12 Days of Christmas,” is one such example.

And then they label it a “holiday e-card.” What does that mean? This is a video with some Christmas stuff in it. It’s not an e-card, and you’re confusing your fan base, Steelers.


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