Texas Team Wins High School Championship with Trick Play (Video)

trick play

In the 3A Texas High School Championship game, Cameron Yoe may have been leading Brock 26-14, but it turns out that Brock was just one awesome trick play away from turning the tides to win the game.

The play came in the third quarter, when the quarterback faked a pitch, then faked a run to the edge while stealthily handing the ball off to the running back, who took off the other way with no one the wiser. The play put Brock back in the game, and they eventually won 43-33 to take the high school title.

Here’s the video:

You might have to watch the play a few times to figure out what’s going on but once you do, the time invested will have been worth it.

Hat Tip – [Uproxx]

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