Clinton Portis Files Bankruptcy. Owes Mom $500K, Blew $43 Mil, Over $5M In Debt

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Former RB of the Washington Redskins and the Denver Broncos, Clinton Portis hasn’t played in the NFL since 2012. He made about $43 Million in his playing career that should have sustained him for the rest of his life. The life of an athlete and former athlete could get very pricey and some of them just don’t know how to handle their money during and after their playing career.

Here’s a list of his many debts, Per Deadspin:

Mortgage ‘deficiencies’: $1,223,000

Reporter Nischelle Turner: $500,000

His mother Rhonnel Hearn: $500,000

Domestic support payment: $412,000

Internal Revenue Service: $390,000 (disputed)

Bank of America: $162,000

MGM Grand: $287,000

Cars including BMW, Audi and Dodge Ram: $175,000

Borgata Hotel, Casino and Spa: $170,000

Law Offices: $80,000

Verizon Wireless: $899

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Portis also owes four different women for domestic support obligations totaling $412,000. Portis lists only $150 in his checking account.

Let this be a lesson, yet again, to the youngsters to SAVE YOUR MONEY. INVEST. DROP THE CREW AND THE EXPENSIVE CARS. Unfortunately, Portis is not the 1st and definitely won’t be the last athlete to go broke.


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