Atlanta Sports Reporter Makes 25 ‘Star Wars’ References During Recap of Falcons Game (Video)

atlanta sports reporter wes blankenship 25 star wars references

So this new Star Wars movie is kind of a big deal. It made $57 million on Thursday night previews, $120 million on opening day, and a whopping $529 million worldwide by the time Monday morning rolled around.

However, the Force wasn’t the only thing awakened this weekend. The Atlanta Falcons, who had started out the season 5-0 before losing seven of their next eight, actually won a game.

It wasn’t nearly as exciting as Star Wars, of course. But it made die-hard Falcons fans happy. And to celebrate, Atlanta sports reporter Wes Blankenship of WMAZ dropped an impressive 25 Star Wars references in his game recap.

Obviously, some work better than others. But on the whole it’s a pretty impressive effort.

Take a look:

Did you catch them all? Well, the folks over at SB Nation made a comprehensive list so you can check:

“The seventh installment of this run was an awakening.”

“The Millennium Falcons”

“… last win feels like a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.”

“Every defense he’s faced lately has been a starkiller.”

“Devonta Freeman will take this toss and make the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs.”

“Ewoks, no, he dives into the end zone”

“Don’t get cocky kid”

“You were a Wookiee just a year ago.”

“It wasn’t the only touchdown for Atlanta, there is another.”

“And it’s impressive, most impressive”

“Blake Bortles sees the Falcons’ defense become more powerful than he could possibly imagine.”

“These are not the points you are looking for.”

“BB-8 him up with the tackle.”

“But the Jags would C3P-Over the crossbar”

“Matt Ryan tries to force this pass in there.”

“He intercepts it with just a hand solo.”

“There are two D-2 players on the Jags’ roster.”

“The Falcons are tie fighters after a couple of Shane Graham field goals”

“There’s been an awakening with the Falcons’ pass rush”

“Have you felt it?”

“The Falcons just Obi won a game for the first time since October 25th”

“Atlanta isn’t his daddy, but the Falcons have a test against Luke Kuechly and the Panthers”

“They need to Leia a few more points on him”

“Never tell him the odds though”

“Kyle Shanahan thinks this offense is fully operational.”

God bless the WMAZ producer who approved all these.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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