Was This Cheap-Shot From Steelers-Broncos Worse Than Beckham’s? (Video)

Cody Wallace hit David Bruton

On Monday, the NFL handed down a one-game suspension to Odell Beckham for multiple infractions that violated the league’s rules regarding player safety during Sunday’s game against the Carolina Panthers.  Most notably, there was Beckham’s attempt to knock Panthers cornerback Josh Norman out when he ear-holed him with this helmet-to-helmet hit in the second half:

Pretty bad, right? It seems like something that would be worthy of a one-game suspension, but surprisingly, it may not have even been the cheapest hit delivered on Sunday.

So what was the cheapest shot from week 15? This late hit that Steelers center Cody Wallace delivered on Broncos safety David Bruton gets my vote:

Fortunately, Bruton did not suffer any serious head or spinal cord injuries on the play, but it’s believed that he did suffer a fractured fibula as a result of the hit. And despite playing through the injury for the final three quarters of Sunday’s game, Bruton’s broken leg is now expected to keep him out for the remainder of the season.

We’re still awaiting word on any punishment for Wallace’s hit. But with both he and Bruton not being household names like Beckham and Norman, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the league sweep this one under the rug.

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