Here’s the Iman Shumpert 911 Call from His Daughter’s Unintentional Home Birth (Audio)

iman shumpert 911 call

Remember last week when we told you how Cleveland Cavaliers swingman Iman Shumpert delivered his own baby when his fiancée Teyana Taylor unexpectedly went into active labor in their bathroom? Remember how Shumpert went full-MacGyver and used a pair of headphones to tie off the umbilical cord until paramedics arrived?

Now the Daily Mail has obtained the Iman Shumpert 911 call in which the operator talks Shumpert through the ordeal. And it is every bit as amazing as you would expect.

The operator acts like he’s talking somebody through installing a new printer. Shumpert, meanwhile, is completely overcome with emotion—first anxiety, then pure, unadulterated joy.

Have a listen:

It’s easy to forget that rich pro athletes are actually human beings just like the rest of us. But then something like this comes along and reminds us.

Of course, the rest of us don’t do interviews on Good Morning America after giving birth. So we’re not that similar. But you get the idea.

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