Jason Pierre-Paul and His Jacked Up Hand Aren’t Able to Play ‘Madden’ (Video)

Jason Pierre-Paul

I’m sure the first thing that crossed your mind, especially if you are/were a Giants fan, when you heard the rumors that Jason Pierre-Paul blew his hand up with fireworks was “I hope he can still play video games!”

You should probably take a seat for this news if that’s the case. Jason Pierre-Paul told TMZ that he can no longer play video games, namely Madden, due to his amputated (and swollen) forefinger.

When asked by the tabloid organization if he would consider joining an organization that promotes fireworks safety awareness, he eloquently replied, “I ain’t joining nothing,” because “I’ve moved on with my life.”

Here’s the video, via TMZ:

That’s the spirit, Jason! Pretend like this never happened! And then pretend that if you HADN’T blown up your hand with fireworks, you still would have only had one sack 14 weeks into the season!



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