This Kickboxing KO Takes a Very Unexpected Turn (Video)


I’m sure it’s very hard to account for how a person reacts when they get knocked out by a punch or kick. They normally just lay motionless, then wake up groggy. But not this guy.

This guy, who appeared in this fight on New Zealand Maori TV, gets taken down with a punch to the head, then pops back up, only to immediately fall over. The ref stops the fight at that point.

Then the recipient of the kickboxing KO stands up again, holds his arms up, then, very inexplicably, jumps out of the ring over the top of the ropes, causing him to get caught up and fall headfirst. That’s when the video ends.

It’s hard to imagine he didn’t incur more harm from that leap than he did the punch. But, it’s not like you could have seen that coming.

My solution? Restraints for anyone who’s been knocked out until they prove their sanity. Because that wouldn’t be a terrifying way to regain consciousness, right?