Massimo Maccarone Goal Celebration: Soccer Hero Chugs Beer Finding Back of the Net (Video)

massimo maccarone goal celebration italian soccer player chugs beer

If a player in one of the major North American sports leagues tried to chug a beer after scoring, he’d be kicked out of the game and fined and suspended. Then a bunch of blow-hard old media guys would spit out hot takes calling him a disgrace.

I don’t know what the folks running Serie A and the Italian sports media are saying about the Massimo Maccarone goal celebration, but I bet they are not vilifying the guy for his antics during a recent Empoli-Bologna game.

After the 36-year-old scored a goal to give Empoli a 2-1 lead, he ran over to the sideline, grabbed a fan’s beer, and took a huge swig. Then he went right back to playing and actually scored another goal just two minutes later.

Take a look:

Somebody give this man an award. Now.

Hat Tip – [Who Ate All the Pies]

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