The Patriots’ Footballs Were Subjected to Random PSI Testing on Sunday

nfl random psi testing patriots game

One of the only real, lasting changes to come out of the whole deflategate mess is a change in the way they test the PSI on game balls. Rather than testing the balls at designated times during every game, the league instituted random PSI testing so as to keep those would-be cheaters on their toes.

Here’s the official memo the NFL issued in August outlining the new procedures for the 2015 season:

“At designated games, selected at random, the game balls used in the first half will be collected by the [kicking ball coordinator] at halftime, and the League’s Security Representative will escort the KBC with the footballs to the Officials’ Locker room. During halftime, each game ball for both teams will be inspected in the locker room by designated members of the officiating and security crews, and the PSI results will be measured and recorded. Once measured, those game balls will then be secured and removed from play… At the end of any randomly selected game, the [kicking ball coordinator] will return the footballs to the Officials’ Locker Room where all game balls from each team will be inspected and the results will be recorded.”

Unfortunately, random PSI testing is not really random when anonymous league sources leak details of upcoming tests to the media. And, rather amazingly, that’s what happened prior to Sunday’s Patriots-Titans game in Foxborough.

The Patriots’ balls were to be subjected to random PSI testing for the first time under the new policy, but somebody told the NFL Network’s Lisa Kraus Edwards ahead of time, and Edwards tweeted about it two hours before kickoff. 

So yeah, just go ahead and insert your own conspiracy theory here.

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