Redskins Fans Rank Dead Last in Grammar Among US Sports Fans


On the field, the Washington Redskins are an average football team. They sit at 7-7 on the season leading a putrid NFC East division that nobody seems to want to win. Off the field, their fans lead the nation in grammar errors. Not something you really want to be associated with.

Grammarly came out with the rankings for the best and worst cities grammatically in the United States. This study took the three major sports into account and fans were judged by spelling mistakes, incorrect punctuation, misused words, and subject verb disagreement on over 100 comments, with over 50 words, on, official MLB team website, and SBNation’s NBA Team fan blogs.

“Redskins came in with an outstanding 16.5 mistakes per 100 words used and caused their overall city ranking to drop like RG3 on the depth chart.”



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