Las Vegas Women Hits a 20,000-to-1 NFL Parlay, Netting $100K


Tayla Polia had only been in Vegas for two months, but I think she’s getting this whole sports betting thing down to a T. On Monday, she completed a 15-leg parlay that required her to correctly bet the spread in 14 games and pick the O/U on the Steelers-Broncos game.

She did all of those things, which paid off to the tune of 20,000-to-1, making it one of the biggest sports bets (from an odds perspective, anyway) ever recorded.

It was the second bet she ever placed in her life. She should probably stop while she’s ahead. This won’t happen again.

She initially thought she had bet on the Giants to win (since she didn’t entirely understand how spreads work), so she was surprised to learn that she won the bet even though the Giants lost (they covered, so she won).

Tayla’s plan after hitting this huge parlay is to hopefully own a beach house in California, which means she only needs to hit like seven more of these to make that dream a reality.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]


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