49ers Fans Are Doing The Unexpected While Watching Their Team’s Boring Games (Video)

49ers fans laptop

If you need yet another indication (besides their record and all the Kaepernick issues) that the 49ers are a struggling club, look no further than this video of 49er fans on a laptop at Levi’s Stadium.

Of course, if you’re going to put money on a fan base using laptops at a game, you would probably bet on one in the Bay Area, and something tells me it wouldn’t be Raiders fans (unless they were using it as a club or something).

When the 49ers game is too boring..

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The team shouldn’t be surprised by this sight, if only because it was their bright idea to offer wifi during the games. They did this to themselves. And given the turnout for Sunday’s game against the Bengals, they should at least be happy that SOMEONE showed up, even if they were using their laptop to mail order a wife or…whatever.

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