Aaron Hernandez Shows Off His “Blood” Tattoo in Court (Pics)

In case there was any question about Aaron Hernandez assimilating completely to the prison lifestyle (and there wasn’t, considering he had pretty much assimilated to it while he was in the NFL), this picture taken from a courtroom should serve as pretty good proof that he has.

The former Pats tight end was in court as his attorneys sought to re-question witnesses (to what end, I’m not sure) when it was clear that the tattoo that he had started shortly after his arrest had finally taken shape.

It symbolizes his allegiance to the Bloods in prison, and reads “Lifetime Loyalty.”

It’s good to know that Aaron Hernandez is making friends on the inside. That should really assist him with his rehabilitation!

Something tells me this won’t be the last Aaron Hernandez prison update we’re privy to. He seems to really be fitting in well there, which isn’t a good thing.  Not at all.

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