Drone Falling From the Sky Almost Took Out a Skier During a Race (Video)


As though downhill skiing wasn’t dangerous enough, someone thought to add an extra element of craziness to the sport by dropping flying drones on the contestants, video game-style.

Okay. Not really. No one’s that sadistic, but a drone DID fall from the sky during a run by Marcel Hirscher, one of the best alpine skiers in the world. Normally, something like this happens and if there’s even footage at all, we realize that the drone fell like 54 yards away from him, and he wasn’t even aware.

Not this time, though.

The drone came about as close to hitting Hirscher as was possible, yet the skier did seem unaware of the danger he just avoided. Either that, or he was aware, and just remains a consummate pro.

Here’s the clip:

He took to Instagram afterwards, and I guess all he could do was laugh:

Heavy air traffic in Italy #crazy #drone #crash #luckyme

A photo posted by Marcel Hirscher (@marcel__hirscher) on

Thank God they wear helmets.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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