Bruins Commentator Jack Edwards Sings ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ During Hockey Fight (Video)

bruins commentator jack edwards sings we wish you a merry christmas during hockey fight

If you’re not a Boston Bruins fan, chances are you don’t like NESN commentator Jack Edwards very much. He’s got a silky smooth voice and tons of enthusiasm for the game, but the guy is probably the biggest homer in North American pro sports, and sometimes his antics are just too over the top. That’s why most of our Jack Edwards posts are about him being a jackass.

You can imagine our surprise, then, when we came across this clip from Tuesday night’s Bruins-Blues game in which Jack Edwards is actually, legitimately amusing. Like, to people who don’t even live in New England!

Early in the third period, with the game still scoreless, Boston’s Tyler Randell drops the gloves against St. Louis’ Ryan Reaves in what turns out to be a pretty entertaining heavyweight bout. But the best part is when Jack Edwards sings We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

Personally I would have gone with Santa Clause Is Coming to Town, but the point was made: these guys need to work on their Christmas spirit.

Check it out:


Good thing Edwards said Christmas. Now he’ll be spared the wrath of that guy who started the campaign against the red coffee cups.

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