New Jersey High School Hockey Team Experiments with Two Goalies, Four Skates, Loses 10-0 (Pic)

new jersey high school hockey team uses two goalies and four skaters

On Sunday, a high school hockey team from New Jersey tried a radical experiment. Instead of sending five skaters and a goalie out onto the ice, Tenafly/Cresskill sent four skaters and two goalies. One positioned himself in the crease between the pipes. The other positioned himself in front of the crease.

Of course, as you have probably surmised, playing with two goalies is illegal. And it turns out that coach Andy Escala was well aware of this. So why did he do it?

Well, Tenafly/Cresskill is in a rebuilding stage right now, with just two seniors on the team. However, the team they were playing, St. Joseph’s, is a powerhouse that’s ranked no. 17 in the state. Escala tried to opt out of the game, which is allowed by the Big North conference if both teams agree. But it seems St. Joseph’s was really looking forward to pumping up their stats, so they refused to opt out.

That’s when Escala had the idea of playing two goalies. Here’s how he explained it to

“I recalled reading it in a book about (a team that did it) in Rhode Island years ago and was like, ‘Let me try this.’ I did some research and was like, ‘I know what the answer’s going to be, but I’m still going to try this and let’s see what the officials say.’

“At first, it started as, you know what, this may be our only way to actually try to win this game. But then it (became) more of a statement, saying, ‘Why does St. Joe’s want to play a public school that’s down, working their way back up? It doesn’t really benefit either team.'”

Not surprisingly, the officials weren’t having the two goalie experiment. They made Tenafly/Cresskill go back to one goalie and gave them a delay of game penalty. Then St. Joseph’s crushed Tenafly/Cresskill 10-0.

Maybe next time Mr. Escala should try the knucklepuck. I mean, it worked against those Icelandic a-holes in D2: The Mighty Ducks, right?

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