Shaq Claims Odell Beckham Lashed Out To Show He’s ‘Not Soft’ (Video)


Shaq offered up his own explanation/excuse for Odell Beckham Jr.‘s behavior on Sunday, claiming that the WR standout isn’t a troublemaker, but was just standing up for himself during his slow-motion meltdown against the Carolina Panthers. During the game, Beckham was hit with three personal fouls and laid an extremely late helmet-to-helmet hit on Josh Norman.

Of course, it was revealed on The Rich Eisen Show, where Shaq made these remarks, that he has known Beckham since his birth, so that could account somewhat for the crazy dismissal of repeated dirty play.

Here are the comments, all cued up for your viewing pleasure:

And a quick transcript of one of the more fun takeaways from Shaq’s inexplicable excusal:

“I’ve known him all his life. He’s not a troubled kid. He’s not a troublemaker, but by any means, he’s not soft. I guess the guy got under his skin. There’s a lot of stuff we did not see like the spitting and the trash talking and the disrespecting. I’m a true believer that sometimes you have to touch people up to let them know that you’re not soft.”

And there you have it, folks. A crazy quote for a crazy defense of Beckham!

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