Mic’d Up Odell Beckham Screams at Teammates on Sideline For Not Caring (Video)

Odell Beckham sideline rant

The playing field wasn’t the only place where Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham lost his cool on Sunday.  He also snapped on his teammates on the sideline.

The NFL’s cameras caught OBJ’s sideline rant, and you can watch it for yourself in the video below:

I love OBJ. I think he’s one of the league’s best receivers (if not THE best), and while I don’t agree with his actions on Sunday, I have not lost a single ounce of respect for him.  The dude is provoked and targeted by opposing defenses on a weekly basis.  It would surprise me if he didn’t snap every now and then.  He’s not the first player to take liberties on an opposing player, and he won’t be the last.  He’ll serve his punishment, learn from his mistakes, and come back better than before.

With that being said, Beckham is probably being a little (very?) hypocritical here.  His team probably did care about winning the game, until they realized that their star wideout was focused more on Josh Norman and taking costly penalties, and less on getting open, catching balls and scoring points.

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