Texans QB Brian Hoyer Drops $20K On Hyperbaric Chamber To Combat Concussion


Brian Hoyer of the Houston Texans has had 2 concussions in less than a month, so dropping $20,000 on a hyperbaric chamber seems worth it to him to help with concussion symptoms.

Hoyer has reportedly invested $20,000 in a hyperbaric chamber to aid his progress, as he works to return from his second concussion of the season and the fifth of his career. He’s also trying acupuncture and playing brain-stimulating games on his phone, among other things.

“Obviously with any concussion you’re going to be concerned, so I don’t take it lightly, I do a lot of research,” Hoyer said. “I talk to a lot of people who are highly respected in the area. I talk to people I trust who’ve gone through the situation and you make the best-educated decision. I feel good and now the doctors are basically evaluating that. I can’t clear myself, so I respect their opinion and the process.”

“I know it’s kind of out of my hands at this point,” Hoyer said. “When the doctor says go, then I go. Obviously, there’s a lot of frustration. You never want to see someone else doing your job, especially in the situation we’re in.”

Texans are just 1 win away in the last two games from reaching the playoffs.



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