Peyton Manning Accused of Taking HGH From Anti-Aging Clinic (Video)

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Just an interesting turn of events. Future Hall of famer, Peyton Manning is accused of taking HGH. Say it isn’t so? Manning has all but lost his job to Brock Osweiler and now this report is stating he was given HGH in 2011.

According to a new special report from Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit, who talked with pharmacist Charlie Sly, Manning and his wife were given HGH back in 2011 from an Indianapolis anti-aging clinic.

“All the time we would be sending Ashley Manning drugs,” Sly says in the video. “Like growth hormone, all the time, everywhere, Florida. And it would never be under Peyton’s name, it would always be under her name.”

An Indianapolis anti-aging clinic supplied quarterback Peyton Manning with human growth hormone, a performance-enhancing drug banned by the NFL, a pharmacist who once worked at the clinic asserts.

Manning’s agent denies the report that Peyton took HGH, but confirms his wife did receive shipments. Manning’s agent, “Any medical treatment received by Ashley is a private matter of hers, her doctor, and her family,”

Just a few of the names are Clay Matthews from the Packers and Ryan Howard of the Phillies.

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