Clay Matthews Offers Carson Palmer Some Help Getting Up, Then Leaves Him Hanging (Video)


In the game of psychological warfare on the gridiron, Clay Matthews is having a truly breakout year. Not only did the Packers linebacker earlier this year remind Colin Kaepernick that he’s “No Russell Wilson, bro,” but now he’s offering help to QBs (namely, Carson Palmer) he knocks down, only to rescind his offer at the last minute, causing them to look pretty stupid.

Here’s what we’re talking about three-quarters of the way through:

That’s pretty cold, Clay Matthews. It would be one thing if you didn’t offer him help at all. That would be normal. But this is just toying with a hurt man’s hope and expectations. Of course, you rarely, if ever, see opposing players help each other up, unless they did something wrong, like a late hit.

This was clean, so Clay didn’t need to do anything to clear his conscience, but he did anyway, just to be a (terrific) jerk.

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