Cowboys Rookie Randy Gregory Lets the World Know He Sucks at Twitter (Tweets)

Randy Gregory

It’s understandable (though still frowned upon) that a member of a fledgling team such as the Cowboys would take to social media to voice their disappointment and frustration. The season is lost, and outbursts like these let fans know that players acknowledge the issue and feel the same way.

However, Cowboys rookie d-lineman Randy Gregory could have stopped there, but being a 23 year-old on Twitter, ended up looking just like a 23 year-old on Twitter. He talked about having a 24 year-old GF, which didn’t offer much consolation to frustrated fans, and then offered a puzzling “ya momma” response to a fan who (rightfully) pointed out that he almost never plays.

He looked like an idiot, which is pretty par for the course during the Cowboys’ painful four-month slide from the catbird seat to the doghouse.

If you feel unsatisfied by the whole exchange, let it serve as a metaphor for the Cowboys’ terrible season. That might give you another level of appreciation.

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