Eric Weddle Fined $10K For Watching Daughter Dance At Halftime

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Not only did the Chargers place Eric Weddle on IR, ending his season and possibly his career in San Diego, per Ian Rapoport. But they’ve also reportedly fined him $10K because he wanted to watch his daughter dance in a program sponsored by the team’s cheerleaders.

According to, Weddle is furious about the fine although he did not inform team officials that he would be skipping out on the locker room to watch his daughter dance. To rub it in a little more, the Chargers placed Weddle on IR and told him he wasn’t allowed to travel with team because the plane was “too small.”

Weddle’s agent David Canter:

Canter said he and Weddle didn’t plan to divulge the fine, but changed their minds after Weddle and three other players were placed on injured reserve Monday and then told in a team meeting that they will not travel to Sunday’s game at Denver.

”If you do bad things to good people, you deserve to have your dirty laundry aired in the limelight,” Canter told The Associated Press. ”Eric’s done nothing but give nine years to the Chargers’ organization; his heart, his soul, his body.”

This was Weddle last week after his last game at Qualcomm:

Shame on you, Chargers.

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