Kirk Cousins Got His Car Swarmed by Fans after Redskins Win (Video)

Kirk Cousins

The Redskins were able to sew up the NFC East title on Saturday after dispensing of the Philadelphia Eagles, 38-24. Of course, Skins QB Kirk Cousins showed up after the game with his trademarked, “You like that?” which, at this point, must be rhetorical, since the division champs are a middling 8-7.

But the big news came after Cousins made it out of the locker room and into his car, where he was swarmed by fans who were exuberant over their mediocre team’s good fortune:

And here is the hot footage of Cousins asking people what they like:

As fans were sprawled out on his hood, all Cousins could muster was a thumbs-up, which I’m guessing was less a gesture of approval, and more likely the only thing he though he could do to get those animals off the hood of his car.

“You like that?” has to be one of the more puzzling catchphrases in recent sports history, and it’s somewhat fitting that it would continue into the playoffs with this zombie-like display of lunacy.

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