Military Dad Reunites with Family After Hiding in Lightning Goal (Video)


Ok. This is kind of odd. As sports fans, we’ve reached peak military reunion in 2015, with returning veterans apparently popping up around every corner at sporting events. It’s heartwarming, but a little overdone. So the only thing to do to ensure people keep talking about the moment is to push the envelope a little bit and make it weirder.

So that’s what the Lightning did when they put Paul Fahrenbach, a returning veteran, in a goal behind a plywood facade to surprise his family. Now if you’re thinking, “Cramming a veteran behind a piece of plywood at a Tampa Bay Lightning game doesn’t seem very dignified,” then you’re right. It definitely doesn’t.

But it happened. And he had to wear a helmet, because even though we trusted him to defend liberty and life in the Middle East, we just don’t trust his judgement around this slippery ice.

Take a look:

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