Pat McAfee Deals with Obnoxious Twitter Fans in Crude, Awesome Fashion (Tweets)

Pat McAfee

Pat McAfee is one of the more outspoken players in the league, and that would be more evident if he wasn’t a punter. But because he is, people don’t want to hear from him TOO much, so the natural move is to take his comments to Twitter, where you can talk whether people want to hear you or not.

When he posted a ridiculous looking image coupled with the sentiment that he was happy his team won (the nerve!), he was quickly met by one online fan who didn’t think the accomplishment was all that:

Then, presumably exhausted from brainstorming those witty retorts, he set the masses forth with their own hashtag to pick up where he left off:

Check the progress on the hashtag early and often right here.

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