Surfer Alana Blanchard Hits Instagram Wearing Nothing But an Apron (Pics)


Let’s get to it: surfer Alana Blanchard is really, really hot. This isn’t a secret, so we should feel comfortable discussing it openly. She’s totally hot, and she recently reminded the world of this by taking to Instagram wearing little more than an apron.

The result is…well, this:


A photo posted by Alana Blanchard (@alanarblanchard) on

X @jackfreestone

A photo posted by Alana Blanchard (@alanarblanchard) on

Seems like she’s been busy this holiday break. Good for her. We love a hard worker.

She posed for the photos as part of a shoot for Stab Magazine, which seems to be a publication for surfers, but may expand its readership significantly with the lovely Ms. Blanchard in the mix. This is how you grow a magazine, folks.

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